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      2016年11月15日至16日,我司參加2016IDMF 第一屆·國際藥品微生物檢驗控制高峰論壇





      2016年11月15日至16日,2016IDMF 第一屆·國際藥品微生物檢驗控制高峰論壇在杭州召開。本次論壇由中國醫藥教育協會主辦,中國食品藥品檢驗研究院、國家藥典委員會、浙江省食品藥品檢驗研究院、上海市食品藥品檢驗所等單位共同支持舉辦。來自全國藥品檢驗機構、內外資制藥企業、大專院校500余人參加本次論壇。 




      On November 15, 2016, solstice 16, 2016, the first session of 2016IDMF · BBS, the international microbial inspection and control summit for drugs, was held in hangzhou. This BBS sponsored by the association of Chinese medicine education, China's food and drug inspection institute, state pharmacopoeia committee, zhejiang province food and drug inspection institute, Shanghai municipal food and drug inspection etc to support. More than 500 people from China's pharmaceutical inspection institutions, domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises and colleges and universities attended BBS.
      This exhibition, aquatic organisms company with the microbial detection products series, chromogenic medium and liquid medium products, disposable plate contact disc, microbial supplies, etc., full display the six years of water company in the future in the achievements of microbial culture medium, embodies the water company "do the most complete Chinese medium factory" willingness to let visitors see, aroused the interest of the masses of customers, let the customer further understand, aquatic organisms.
      The two - day exhibition came to an end. Although the exhibition is over, we will continue to make unremitting efforts to provide you with a complete biosafety detection and control solution.